If you have a specific type of account you want me to post then please make a request in the comment section of this page and I’ll see what i can do.

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  1. jeff says:

    can u post a filefactory acc pls?

  2. Piter says:

    Please, keep2share accounts.

  3. Vincent says:

    can you post a premium Funimation account please?

  4. Davon says:

    Could you post a premium account please?

  5. boso says:

    can u upload jdownloder 2 database and include uploaded please

    • Admin says:

      even if i did i dont think it would matter

      it would be blocked within a few minutes because of the people using it.

  6. Ghetto says:

    Iptorrent account with inviites

  7. Abdul says:

    Hi there. Awesome website. Can we get megairon premium acc plz

  8. Anderson says:

    request for datafile premium accounts. thanks!

  9. Abdul says:

    What about megarion please?

  10. Abdul says: its a filehosting site. I have links of files I want to download

  11. jared says:

    Can you post crunchyroll accounts please.thanks!

  12. Abdul says:

    Can we get depfile please

  13. MX says:


  14. Shaun says:

    Could you add hulu plus accounts

  15. Flapkac says:

    Premium accounts for Depfile and/or Fileboom please

  16. mohammed says:

    Hi ,
    i have a probleme : i can’t understand how i use zevera account , when i create a new bookmark i don’t now when i put JAVASCRIPT i found three place the first is the name
    second folder third comment “etiquete’ i use mozzila firefox can you tell me how i use zevera account please. i wait for your answer
    and thanks

  17. SkBansal says:

    Hey Admin your Latest Uptobox Account is working fine…But its expiry date is very close….Please Can u upload Uptobox premium account.??? and all ur uptobox account till now except latert one are banned by administrator or have wrong password….Please i need WORKING UPTOBOX ACCOUNT….ITS MY FIRST REQUEST!!!


  18. Ivan says:

    Can you get Dramafever and viki premium accounts?

  19. Pinu says:

    amigos podrían ayudarme?, ninguno de mis servidores me carga la pag,, pero de mi telefono celular si puedo acceder, es mi computador el problema, desde anoche que la única pag que no puedo abrir es esa, que puedo hacer al respecto?

  20. Robert says:

    I can’t find a acc anywhere.. Can you find one, or make a link generator that works with them? Thanks

  21. Mr.Pr says:

    Hi , Thanks for accounts. :X

    can you post ( NitroFlare accounts? ) VERY VERY VERY THANKS

  22. CC says:

    Can you please post accounts? thanks

  23. John says:

    Can you post accounts please.Thanks

  24. asd says:

    zbig premium accounts please

  25. Thwak says:

    Please make a premium account.

  26. XA says:

    Can you please post accounts? thanks.

  27. Idk says:

    Hi, can you please make a working premium rapidgator link generator please? Thanks.

  28. Jimothy says:

    Will there be datafile accounts any time soon?

  29. Patapout says:

    Hi , tks for all the work you,ve done 🙂
    Can you add a “daofile” account (with zevera it doesn’t work , always down)

  30. KL says:

    Please help

    I tried adding rapidgator to my Jdownloder2 many times and it keeps saying “temp disabled”.

    I am able to succesfully add datafile but can’t seem to add rapidgator.

    Am I doing something wrong?


  31. Alonzo says:

    Do you have anything on “Addmefast” points? Like a unlimited points hack?

  32. raul says:

    can you please post DEPFILE accounts. tanks.

  33. KL says:

    thank you for all your work!

    These accounts work

  34. Den says:

    Hi Admin,

    Can you please post a new Data File account?


  35. raul says:

    can u please post a DEPFILE account? tanks.

    • Admin says:

      I’ll try to get some, but i wouldn’t expect any.

      there are no sort of protections on the accounts, people change the passwords almost instantly. And cookies don’t work since you don’t even need to know the current password to change it.

  36. Azmar says:

    Netflix or HBO NOW.
    Please and thank you.

  37. Dan says:

    Can you please add new Netflix accounts please

  38. Den says:

    Hi Admin!

    May I request a guide how to bypass ip error using jdownloader…?


  39. Joe Fresh says:

    Crunchyroll premium account thanks!

  40. Ahmed says:

    I need wwe network accounts or cookies please

  41. Joe Fresh says:

    Updated crunchy roll premium account doesnt work 🙁

  42. Cory says:

    can you post a account please?

  43. Chanthy says:

    Dear friend,,, please post zevera, or alldebrid or nitroflare, or premiumize or multihosters


  44. chanthy says:

    please post zevera, or alldebrid or nitroflare, or premiumize or multihosters

  45. jack says:

    can you post a account please?

  46. Admin says:

    yes you put the whole javascript code into the url spot, then click on the bookmark to activate it.

  47. lukas says:

    Can I get informed if account is being posted? Thank you

  48. Jack says:

    Can you please add new Lynda or pluralsight
    accounts please

  49. bobsinclair says:

    Zbigz wrong pass, samebody try to be funny…Please can you fix?

  50. awqer says: premium cookie not working 🙁

  51. Anonymus says:

    Hi Admin!!

    Could you please add SlingTV premuim accounts?

    Thank you!!

  52. johndoe says:

    Please upload premium account…

  53. savir says:

    great work man. Thanks.
    can you please post the working logins of following websites.
    nitroflare or uplaodgig account please

  54. Get Everything says:

    Thanks a lot for helping us.
    Can you please add a account please?

  55. Get Everything says:

    Can you please add a account. I know that zbigz and seedr are almost same. But the reason is that we can download a specific folder in seedr. In zbigz, each file is shown separately and the project files that I want to downoad are more than hundred and they are in a folder and I am unable to download the complete folder in zbigz but it is possible in seedr.

    • Admin says:

      you know you can zip files in zbigz right?

      • Get Everything says:

        I have a torrent and that torrent contains a folder in which all the exercise files are available. Now, I want to download that whole folder instead of individual exercise files in order to save the time.
        zbigz doesnot provides an option to download the whole folder instead it shows each file separately to download and that will consume a lot of time. have this feature. You can download any folder present in a torrent.
        Thanks for giving your time.

        • Get Everything says:

          If you can add a working account of lynda, then there will be no need of account.

  56. Lucas says:

    Uploaded pls?

  57. Jonathan says:

    Can you post a tutorial to how to use the cookie?

  58. Get Everything says:

    Can you please give us a premium account of
    Many Thanks!

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